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                                                                  MİHRİCAN SATIŞ


                                          IB BIOLOGY and IB ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS & SOCIETIES TEACHER 





E-Mail       : ib.biology.mihrican@gmail.com 

Social Media : https://twitter.com/mihricansatis 





Nationality : T.C 

Date of Birth, Place : 1973, İstanbul 

Education Status : University Graduate 

Marital Status : Married (Mother of two boys, 19 and 10 ages) 




   University : Marmara University, Education Faculty, Biology Teaching-English 



  • “Analysing metabolites in Quercus virgiliana leaf gall that ensure development of Cynips quercusfolii larva with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) and Liquid Chromatography/Mass-Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS-MS)”Asian Region Exhibition,TÜBİTAK Project Consultancy Certificate, 2015 
  • 13.National IB Day,Arel Schools,2015 
  • Conference “The use of technology in education” #etpistanbul,2015 
  • European Union Project Writing Education, Certificate 2014 
  • EXAMINER Appointment Examiner Recruitment and Training Manager, Craig Escott, 2014 
  • Environmental Systems and Societies: A Focus on Internal Assessment Online Category 3 workshop, November 2014 
  • Science and Drama, Çağdaş Drama Derneği, Certificate of Attendance, 2014 
  • KEYS Conference “Key Methodology to Successful Competence Based Learning” Trainer Certificate, 2014 
  • International Science Camp-Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Trainer Certificate, 2014 
  • Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom INTEL and Ministry of Education Joint Project, ITEC, Certificate, 2014 
  • Beykent Schools IBDP Collegial Sharing Workshops with The Cooperatıon Of Turkish IB Schools, Certificate,2014 
  • First-Aider, Education-Medisem, Certificate from İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü, 2014 
  • Biology: A Focus on Internal Assessment Online Category 3 workshop, January 2014 
  • “Coaching and Communication Based Trainings”-CCE “Continuing Coaching Education International Coach Federation” Certificate, 2014 
  • INT-NTSE International Nano-Tech Science Education Congress –Trainer Certificate, 2014 
  • “Getting Started with the SPARK Science Learning System” A Virtual Classroom, Live, Web-delivered training, 2013 
  • “Joys of Sharing International Projects & Good Practices From Theory to Practice”EU Projects Summit’2013, Doğa Okulları, “It is What You Do Next That Counts” Presentation Certificate 
  • NTSE - Nano Technology Science Education Project, 2011-2013 
  • Problems and Conservation of Nature Seminar, Prof.Dr.Ali Demirsoy, Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Bahçesi 
  • What is an IB Laboratory? Renko Co.Managing Director of Vernier Europe, Ankara Certificate of Attendance 2013 
  • US National Institutes of Health (NIH), Human Genome Projects Seminars, Certificate of Attendance 2013 
  • Nasa’s Smithsonian Institution Museum, United State Capitol & Library of Congress Tour, Princeton University Presentation and School Tour, Colombia University Introductory Tour, United Nation’s General Assembly Tour, Rez Phillio,Director, American Language Study Programs, Certificate of Attendance 2013 
  • International Science Camp-Sofia, Bulgaria, Trainer Certificate, 2013 
  • “The Magic of Nano Medicine” ,3rd International Advances in Applied Physics and Material and Science Congress,APMAS 2013, Poster contest(Turkey Championship),Consultancy 
  • 12th National IB DAY, Beykent Schools, Certificate, 2013 
  • Giftedness and Reflections on the World Seminars, Julian Jones, Johns Hopkins University Gifted Children Center International Development Director,Özel Doğa Acarkent Anadolu Lisesi,Certificate of Attendance 2013 
  • Category 1 Workshop for Teachers of IB Diploma, St.Clare’s,Oxford, England,Certificate 2012 
  • Online Professional Development Workshops/Assessment Support Biology Workshop/C3, Certificate 2010 
  • 11th National IB DAY, Marmara Schools, Certificate 2011 
  • “Son Arzum Yeşillik Ve Ağaçtır”, Poster and Slogan Competition, Consultancy, Third of İstanbul 
  • Enneagram Academy (2010-2011; 2011-2012; 2012-2013) 
  • Renzulli Education Model, Certificate 2011 
  • Comenıus Partnership Programme-“It is what you do next that counts-A path to ecofriendly behavior” Contribution Certificate, 2012 
  • IBMYP Education, -Sally ELLIOTT, Certificate of Attendance- 3-4, 2009 
  • “Identification of Hemostatic Agents at Morganella pyriformis, Second Prize of Asian Region –TÜBİTAK Project Consultancy Certificate, 2010 
  • Increasing Organ Donation Project Consultancy, Marmara Bölgesi Organ Bağışı Koordinatörlüğü, Certificate of Appreciation, 2010 
  • FLASH Education, 2009 
  • First-Aider Certificate-Education Akut, Certificate- Haydarpaşa Numune Hastanesi, 2009 
  • Understanding Youth - Prof. Dr Haluk Yavuzer, Association of Private Schools, 2005 (8 Hours) 
  • Recent Developments in the 21st Century Science Biology (Systematic and Environmental Biology), İstanbul University, 18-20.06.2003 
  • İSO 9002 Certificate of Quality Labour Council, Kalder 
  • Total Quality Management Applications Sharing Seminar, Arel , 2002 (8 Hours) 
  • Total Quality Management Philosophy and Principles, Excellence Model and Total Quality Issues in Education, Ministry of Education, Five days of Agency Representative Education, 2001 
  • 4. Guidance and Counseling Methods, Doğuş Eğitim Kurumları 23.03.2002 (8 Hours) 




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